SHEsis Main
Name Link Description
SHEsis Online Version Go to SHEsis Page A powerful web-based platform for analyses of linkage disequilibrium, haplotype construction, and genetic association at polymorphism loci.
SHEsisPlus Online Version - Beta Go to SHEsisPlus Page A web-based platform for association test on polyploid and multiallelic species.
eRFSVM enhancer predicting tool (Download Version for linux) Click to Download A stand-alone version of program for predicting EP300 based and FANTOM5 based enhancers using a hybrid classifier integrating random forests with SVMs.
SHEsis Download Version for Win32 (Newly updated trail version, Output format optimized!) Click to Download A download version (Win32) of SHEsis platform. It can be run in local machine. In addition, it has more functions, including p value adjustment (Westfall and Young Permutation).
User Guide for Dowloaded Version of SHEsis Click to Download An instruction manual for SHEsis.
SHEsisEpi Download SHEsisEpi A GPU-based genome-wide risk gene-gene interaction analysis software.
SHEsisPCA Download SHEsisPCA A GPU-based PCA software to correct for population stratification and get matched cases and controls.
SHEsisRVAT Download SHEsisRVAT A gene-based/haplotype-based tool to analyze the rare variants in human genome.
Multiplex PCR Primer Designing Tool Go to GAPCR page An web-based multiplex PCR primer designing tool. GAPCR can design primers for either single PCR or multiplex PCR. GAPCR can consider and design all the primers as an integrated system rather than many single primers. Besides, GAPCR can check primer, which can deal with 40 primers at max.
Download Java Runtime Environment Offical Download JRE for SHEsis Download Version